Hi, I'm Riley! Welcome to my web page. Here you will find some useful information about things that interest me, as well as some things that I have created. The site is under construction, so links and pages may be broken.

Update 5/20/23: I'm back! I'm gonna start working on this site again and try to get it into a state of completion with everything fully updated. I have started by updating my Art page with more recent examples of my work, although I've kept some of the older drawings on there, organized by year, because I thought that would be kinda fun. I'm planning to add another page specifically for my woodburning art as well as a page about my music, because I started making that recently!

If you have any comments, complaints, questions, quibbles, or corrections regarding this web site and its content, feel free to contact me about it on social media or at sir.elroye73@gmail.com.