Frequently Asked Neil Questions

Here are the answers to some questions I see asked to or about Neil somewhat commonly, but which are not answered on any of the other Neil pages on this website.

Q: Is he, like, okay?

A: Yeah, dawg, he's just like that. Also, mind your own damn business.

Q: How does Neil make money?

A: From music sales, Patreon, and Youtube ads. Some people seem puzzled as to how he can make a living this way, but consider the following:

• Neil's videos have gotten hundreds of millions of views over the years, and his most popular ones (i.e. Potter Puppet Pals) are still going strong.
• His fans are very loyal and thus willing to support him, an independent artist, by actually buying his music instead of pirating it.
• He's married, so his household is also supported by Ming's career as a really talented artist.

Also, I hate to keep saying this in my comprehensive informational webpage about a guy I've never met, but: mind your own damn business.

Q: Is Neil working on a new Lemon Demon album?

A: Yes! His remarks seem to indicate that the next LD release is likely to be an EP or at least shorter than Spirit Phone. Hopefully this means he's not going to go eight years between albums this time. At present, the only LD song that has been released since Spirit Phone is Funkytown, which appeared on Needlejustice, a charity compilation album from Needlejuice Records.

Q: Will the Mouth albums ever be released on vinyl?

A: This is very unlikely. Clearing all the samples would be pretty much impossible, and releasing it illegally would be risky. (The Mouth albums are also absent from Spotify for basically the same reasons.)

Q: Are Dinosaurchestra and older Lemon Demon albums going to get new physical releases from Needlejuice Records?

A: View-Monster having received a new physical release from Needlejuice, Dinosaurchestra is expected to follow at some point in the future, and probably Damn Skippy and Hip to the Javabean after that. However, Neil might not have the lossless source files from Clown Circus and Live from the Haunted Candle Shop, making it doubtful that his first two albums will get a physical release.

Q: Where did Neil get his glasses (the silver ones)?

A: Neil's glasses have vintage frames made by Tura. You can find similar ones on Etsy, such as these or these.