Guide to the Works of Neil Cicierega

I've created what I hope to be a fairly comprehensive guide to Neil Cicierega's creative output, since the man is so infinitely prolific and inscrutable that it can be hard to keep track of these things. Please review the following information and click on the good links I have provided for your cursor, because Neil is extremely cool and talented and deserves as much appreciation as possible.


Animutation: Animutations were a style of Flash animation created by Neil that involved a chaotic, rapid-fire assortment of random images from pop culture, often set to music in a foreign language. The second Animutation, Hyakugojyuuichi!!, became a viral hit, launching Neil into internet fame and spawning an entire genre of animations in the same style, called "fanimutations." There is an Animutation wiki.

Potter Puppet Pals: Before becoming a live-action puppet show on YouTube, Potter Puppet Pals started as a pair of Flash animations on Newgrounds.

All of Neil's animations can be seen here.


MIDI Files: Neil's earliest musical effort was to create a staggering number of MIDI files, which Neil has helpfully compiled into a very long youtube video.

Deporitaz: Deporitaz was actually known as Trapezoid at the time, but there was already some band called Trapezoid and they decided to be real sticks in the mud and make Neil change it. Neil released "three albums of hyperkinetic instrumental synth music" under this moniker.

Lemon Demon: Neil's newer musical project. Back in the day, Lemon Demon's biggest hit was "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny," which was released alongside a Flash-animated music video in 2005. More recently, the song "Two Trucks" has reached a state of extreme meme-ification. However, the true renaissance of Lemon Demon fandom resulted from the popularity of the spooky 2016 concept album, Spirit Phone. You can learn much, much more about Lemon Demon by viewing the Lemon Demon section of this web site.

Mashups: Neil has released four mashup albums: Mouth Sounds, Mouth Silence, Mouth Moods, and /Mouth Dreams. There is a lot of Smash Mouth in them. In the future I hope to make a separate page all about the Mouth albums.

Youtube Videos

Potter Puppet Pals: This video series, which Neil describes as being "horribly popular," was preceded by two Flash animations on Newgrounds (see above). After Neil joined Youtube, the series was reborn with real hand puppets made by Neil's mom, Nancy Cicierega. The most-viewed PPP video is, of course, The Mysterious Ticking Noise, a cultural milestone in YouTube history. PPP has had its own side channel since 2010. There have also been numerous PPP live shows throughout the years at events such as conventions, Harry and the Potters shows, and the Yule Ball.

New Kids on the Rock: NKotR is a web series that parodies 90s children's entertainment and stars Neil and his friends Kevin James (not that one) and Ryan Murphy (not that one either) as mildly exaggerated versions of themselves. The series was initially produced for, website of Plymouth Rock Studios, but additional episodes were made after the gang and the studio parted ways. The most recent episode is the 22-minute epic Computer Fighters, released in 2015. NKotR has not officially ended, although there seems to be a feeling that Computer Fighters could serve as a worthy finale.

BRODYQUEST: Adrien Brody goes on an adventure. Has spawned a massive number of parodies/mashups/remixes etc. See also the Brodyquest Mashup Megamix.

"Guide to" Series: Neil has produced helpful informational guides on Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Tom Hanks.

Guaranteed* Video: G*V is Neil, Kevin, and Ryan's new branding for their comedy skits, this time with a Patreon and a side channel. Videos produced under the G*V flag include Everybody's Pants Now, Year of the Snake, The 50 State Nightmares, and more.

Other Videos: Honestly, you should just watch all of the video's on Neil's YouTube channel, because all of them are good. Even the ones that are bad.


Guaranteed* Audio: The podcast accompaniment to Guaranteed* Video. The episode about Sonic the Hedgehog is highly recommended.

Ernest Roulette: A video podcast also made by Guaranteed* Video that discussed the series of films starring Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrell. Each week, the boys spun the wheel and watched whichever Ernest movie it landed on. They then attempted to rank them from best to worst. Even some of the most devoted Neil fans had a hard time sitting through this show, since they did not know or care about Ernest at all. Luckily, Natalie has made a compilation video of the best moments that you can watch instead of the whole thing if you so choose.


Adventure Games: In his youth, Neil made a lot of games with Klik and Play and Adventure Game Studio. These seem to be largely lost to time, although Neil did do a livestream where he played some of them once.

Icon Architect 1.0: Since 2012, Neil has been working on a new point-and-click adventure game. It takes place at a computer company in the early 90s, and the protagonist, Jan, is confirmed to be "a little bit" inspired by real-life graphic designer Susan Kare. The rate of progression is very slow because Neil is working on so many different projects at any given time, but as recently as November 2018 he confirmed that the game is still in the works.

Monster Breeder: Described by Neil as "horror Pokémon with hundreds and hundreds of awful puns," Monster Breeder is a text-based browser game in which players can capture monsters and then breed them together to create new hybrid monsters. For instance, breeding a XENOMORPH and an ANACONDA will produce an ANIMORPH (I came up with that one!). The game was initially released on February 5, 2018 and received a major update in October of that year which added sprites for all of the monsters.


Farchie Archie:

Ariel Needs Legs: The story of a little mermaid who needs legs. Also made into a video, although the audio is messed up because YouTube is a bad website.


Windows 95 Tips: A horror blog presented as a series of screenshots from Windows 95.

Dick Health: An advice blog written in the persona of Dr. Ricky D. Dickdoctor, M.D., who helps readers with health issues involving their dicks. Probably the best thing Neil has ever made?

Twitter Accounts

Endless Jeopardy: A bot that generates Jeopardy clues, then awards points to the reply (formatted as a question) that receives the most likes within 15 minutes.

Bot Pops: The same concept, but with bot-generated popsicle jokes that repliers have to write punchlines for.

Goosebots: A bot that generates Goosebumps covers (and Babysitter's Club covers on Saturdays).

Slideshare Gems: Posts some of the best slides from that venerable website, Slideshare.

Tripmunks: A bot that slows down, warps, and layers video clips from Alvin and the Chipmunks and other films.

Prefab FM: A bot that posts production music from the 80s and 90s.

The Hintline: A bot that generates adventure game hints.

Tim Allen Quotes: Tim Allen quotes.

Power Rangers: Power Rangers?

Other Shenanigans

Image Manipulations:

Google Autocomplete:

Content Aware Scale Script:


Please let me know if there is anything I've left out! I want this page to be as complete as possible.